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Bob Harned  Bob
 Harned bio

Bob Harned was born into a theatrical and musical family. His maternal grandfather, Albert E. Bogdon, was a magician who toured in vaudeville, in America as well as in Europe and the Orient. His mother, Sally Phipps, was an actress in films, on Broadway, and on radio. His father, Alfred Marion Harned...
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Alfred Harned

Alfred Marion Harned bio

Alfred Marion Harned (1903-1994) was a musician, arranger and songwriter, who grew up in the Midwest. He toured in vaudeville in the 1920s. In the 1930s, he worked in New York City doing arrangements for big bands. Eventually, he settled in Hawaii but spent his last years back in New York City, where he died.
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Pink and Blue Music Publishing Company was founded in the late 1970s by Alfred Marion Harned and Ernée Simpson. Alfred Marion Harned (1903-1994) was a Honolulu-based musician, arranger and songwriter. Ernée Simpson was a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter.

In the late 1960s, during a singing gig at one of the local Honolulu hotels, Ernée happened to hire Alfred as her song arranger. This began a songwriting and performing collaboration that lasted until Alfred's death in 1994, resulting in a catalog of close to seventy (70) songs. Alfred wrote most of the songs in the catalog, with Ernée performing them at her singing gigs. However, sometimes they wrote songs together, or sometimes Ernée wrote songs all by herself. In all cases, Alfred came up with the final arrangements.

Ernée performed one of her own songs, called "You've Come A Long Way Baby," on the "Gong Show" and won first prize. The performance of her song on a nationally televised show made possible the formation of Pink And Blue Music Publishing Company, and the songs in the catalog were registered with ASCAP...
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